Conflict Economics

“Geography has made us neighbors... Economics has made us partners…”

- President John F. Kennedy

Our Focus

  • Find solutions to protracted conflicts by combining our expertise in economics, advocacy and negotiations

  • Shift focus away from confrontation by highlighting the economic benefits of peace and collaboration

  • Focus on Eastern Europe


Our Experience

Post-conflict zones

  • Hands-on experience in Bosnia with World Bank privatization

  • Field experience in Timor-Leste with UN on logistics

  • Research at CSIS on economics of conflicts in Eastern Europe


  • Led economic analysis as part of IATA front office 

  • Translated complex economic concepts for media 

  • Lead aviation economist on trade, infrastructure & climate


  • Led negotiations on behalf of nine Eastern European States

  • Facilitated agreement of States at UNFCCC, airlines at IATA

  • Studied multiparty negotiation at Harvard


  • Advocacy campaign support with evidence base 

  • Frontline advocacy engagement with policy advisors

  • Private and public sector representation at events

Our Services

Economic appraisal

  • Impact of conflict on jobs/GDP

  • Privatization and FDI impact

  • Transfers across stakeholders

Stakeholder analysis

  • Identify stakeholders and interests

  • Entrenched interests analysis

  • Scenario analysis, peace vs. conflict

Strategic communication

  • Content for executives

  • Content for media

  • Accessible and tailored to audience

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